Workshop for INDRUM early career researchers

A Workshop for INDRUM early career researchers: Starting to write journal articles [CANCELED]

Elena Nardi (University of East Anglia, UK)
Carl Winsløw (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Guidelines in pdf format: click here

In 2016, as the first INDRUM conference – and our duties as its chairs – were coming to a close, we invited submissions to a Special Issue for the International Journal for Research in Undergraduate Mathematics (IJRUME). With support from its then editors, and from reviewers who were members of the INDRUM2016 Scientific Committee and/or the journal’s Editorial Board, our invitation for papers resulted in twenty-three submissions, ten of which made it into Select Papers from the First International Network for Didactic Research in University Mathematics (INDRUM) conference (Vol. 4, Issue 1). We were delighted to welcome papers from across the board in terms of author experience and seniority and we worked hard to provide support and constructive feedback to early career researchers taking their first steps towards publishing in an international, peer-reviewed journal. In this workshop, we will set out from our recollections of work towards the Special Issue in order to trigger discussion on what constitutes the challenges – and ways to overcome these – of preparing a manuscript for submission to a mathematics education research journal.

Participants are kindly asked to prepare for this workshop as follows:

  • Browse through the Special Issue papers at Vol. 4, Issue 1 or at least their summaries in the editorial.

  • As we will each (attempt to!) deconstruct the process through which one of the SI papers came to be, read more closely the following two papers:

  •  Prepare a brief, maximum one slide, Outline of a journal paper idea you are currently working on (or planning to work on!), including brief statements of
    • the paper’s main point; and,
    • how you aim to establish the paper’s originality, rigour (theoretical and methodological) and significance.

This preparation is entirely optional and we will aim to allocate time to as many Journal Paper Outlines as possible.

  The workshop will be structured as follows:

10m Welcome, introductions, SI outline, session plan
SI Paper 1: Genesis outline
15m Q&A, Reflections, Bridging to
SI Paper 2
SI Paper 2: Genesis outline
15m Q&A, Reflections
35m Discussion of participants’
Journal Paper Outlines

Please send your Journal Paper Outline to
Elena ( and Carl (
by end of Wednesday 25 March.

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